Cresnet Centre

Our History

The origin of the organization dates back to a self-help initiative started by three special needs education teachers – Leonard, Denis and Alice. After completing college studies, they joined hands and started offering tuition services to primary school children who had specific learning difficulties in mathematics, English, Kiswahili and science subjects. This provided them with an income to sustain life in the city as they anticipated for employment by the government.

In 2003, they pooled their savings and started operating a private primary school in an upcoming residential estate on the east-lands of Nairobi city. The aim was to provide low cost educational services to parents who could not afford to take their children to the relatively high cost schools in the city and those that missed to enroll their children in the nearby public primary school that was overstretched. However, the free primary education declaration in the same year by the government resulted to an unprecedented influx of children to public schools in anticipation to benefit from the free education. This slowed down the growth of the private school and eventually saw it closed. The opportunity gave the founder’s time to study the shifting trend and capture emerging issues in the education sector.

The founders saw the opportunity to mitigate the challenges of large numbers of children in public school classes, exclusion of children with special needs, poor performance, low retention and transition to higher grades among other issues affecting effective delivery of the free primary education programme. However, the challenge of raising funds weakened their morale to run another programme from their personal savings and aggressively sought other employment opportunities.

Over the years, the unrelenting spirit of one of the founders has seen the initiative continue to exist and grow to an organization focused on providing education support services and advocating for the rights of all children.

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